We have vast experience and have enjoyed success in supporting severely underperforming Companies. Often referred to as “turnarounds”, Companies which:

  • Have consistent losses
  • Have lost hope of regaining profitability
  • Fear they will “not make it”
  • Require special and focused attention.

In these scenarios, an intense and dramatic 90-day plan is quickly developed. As with all Opportunity Inc. relationships, we remain active in the firm during all phases of recovery.

The Opportunity Inc. “Turnaround” Process

  • Triage – Take whatever action is necessary to stabilize banking, vendor and customer issues effecting profitability.
  • Buy In – Communication throughout the enterprise to secure buy-in that business as was will change for survival and recovery.
  • Profitability Behaviors – Implement all steps necessary for immediate return to profitability. Any and all actions to achieve goals are implemented expediently to include cost-cutting long considered unpalatable.
  • Balance Sheet Repair – Restructuring to shore up traditionally weakened balance sheet.
  • Gross Profit Acceleration – Intense review of product service margins and all related costs. Implementation of vendor review processes and product / service margin goals implanted.
  • Parallel Post Recovery Planning – Results from short term actions should be realized in less than 180 days. In parallel, a plan for post-recovery operation is formulated.


  • We force and mandate difficult decisions
  • We deliver a sense of urgency from top to bottom within the enterprise
  • We have the experience

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