Ron Beilin


Ron Beilin is President of Opportunity Inc. He has over 30 years experience in finance, strategic planning, organizational development, sales, and management. His areas of specialization are in: finance, management development, mergers and acquisitions, sales, and strategic planning.


Ron has consulted with hundreds of companies in most industries over the past thirteen years. Prior to his consulting career, he was the Chief Executive Officer for companies ranging from start-up to $100 million in sales, and held functional unit head positions with a Fortune 100 company. Specifically, he served as Manager of Manufacturing for Bristol Myers, President of the Charles Batchelder Co., President of the Bostford Chemical Co., President of CFO, Inc., Vice President and Partner of Results Marketing, and President of Beach Investment Group, Inc.

Through his 30 years of business experience, Ron has been able to guide small businesses through various phases of growth. He has assisted in developing working strategic plans, hiring and developing a management team, driving profitability, creating processes, coaching CEOs, developing culture, and motivating organizations. Ron also assists owners in their merger and acquisition programs or in selling their businesses. Ron believes that results are the most important outcome of any assignment. He consistently achieves this with a common-sense approach to planning, goal setting and problem solving. Ron has been appropriately labeled a ‘CEO’s alter ego’ by many of his clients because of his range and depth of practical business knowledge, good judgment, insatiable drive for results, and desire to get things done.


B.S., Civil Engineering,
Princeton University


Paul DelFino


Paul DelFino is a partner in Opportunity Inc. He has over 30 years experience in finance, organizational development, and management. His areas of specialization are in marketing, human resource management, mergers and acquisitions, and customer service.


Paul has significant experience as a functional unit head in marketing, human resources, and training and development in various companies. His career has included P & L responsibility for franchise management from emerging operations up to operations with 1,200 outlets and 10,000 employees. He has managed merger and acquisition processes and has served on boards of publicly traded companies. Paul specializes in guiding small to medium size firms through various phases of growth with development and implementation of strategic planning processes, financial controls, operating process improvement, organizational development, and CEO coaching. He has also successfully guided CEOs through various phases of mergers and acquisitions, including strategy development, negotiation, and integration. Prior to his consulting career, Paul has served as: Director of Personnel of the Bank of Commerce, NY; Director of Marketing of the Connecticut National Bank; Manager of Merger Integration and Retail Banking of Shawmut Bank Boston; and as Division Manager, Executive Vice President, of Fleet Bank.


Graduate, Stonier Graduate School of Banking,
Rutgers University B.S.,
St. Johns University


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