2nd Mar 2015 Comments Off on “REFERRAL MARKETING”

A few statistics to shock you into reading further: According to the “New York Times” 65% of new business sales […]

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“Time for a Marketing Physical?”

24th Feb 2015 Comments Off on “Time for a Marketing Physical?”

Last week Opportunity Inc. published its newest web site www.opportunity-inc.com . Over 20 years we always have tried to be […]

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The Estimate Money Pit

2nd Apr 2014 Comments Off on The Estimate Money Pit

Over the past 3 years I have had the pleasure of conducting monthly marketing seminars for small business concrete repair […]

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Power Blogging – Telling Someone Else’s Story!

18th Jun 2013 Comments Off on Power Blogging – Telling Someone Else’s Story!

Over recent months I have used the term “Power Blogging” for clients. A simple definition is: the creation and publishing […]

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Stop Saying “If I Had Only…!”

31st Mar 2013 Comments Off on Stop Saying “If I Had Only…!”

How many times have you said or thought; “If I had only…….!” For entrepreneurs this phrase/thought often describes opportunities missed […]

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