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The Estimate Money Pit

By Paul Delfino

DATE: 04/02/2014

Over the past 3 years I have had the pleasure of conducting monthly marketing seminars for small business concrete repair entrepreneurs. I begin each session by asking some questions...continue reading

POWER BLOGGING - Telling someone else's story!

By Paul Delfino

DATE: 06/18/2013

Over recent months I have used the term “Power Blogging” for clients. A simple definition is: the creation and publishing of an article or a blog by an independent author which ideally presents your story or message.

We all know the power of articles in publications/newsletters as well as blog and social media mentions. In a web world full of self-promoting...continue reading


By Paul Delfino

DATE: 03/31/2013

How many times have you said or thought; “If I had only…….!” For entrepreneurs this phrase/thought often describes opportunities missed for: new business investments or new service/product lines for their business. Preoccupation with hindsight and missed opportunities is wasted time. The key lesson that should be learned from looking back is that we...continue reading


By Paul Delfino

DATE: 02/26/2013

One of my clients is an avid practitioner of self-development. The signals are easy:

continue reading

Merger Mind Games For Practice

By Paul Delfino

DATE: 02/01/2013

Merger Mind Games For Practice
It is no news that small business is feeling pressure from everywhere. Taxes, compliance, cost of material, shipping, technology are usually the start of the list of pressure points. Add to this an overall business climate that has been described as ‘uncertain” and you have what I have come to call – IEA - “intensified entrepreneurial...continue reading